Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Great Ski Weekend

We got to spend the entire weekend at the ski hill now after 2 full days of skiing Carrie and I are feeling a bit of stiffness. The kids had a great time and we managed to spend time on some new hills, the challange was fun and we made it through without too many spills, now we were have a little bit of fun with the camera too. watch out

Blake before and after he had a run in with the snow bank

Carrie wandered off course a little bit and took a header into the tree, splaterific I gave it a 9.5 for style.

Trin had a wipe out and Blake came to the rescue of big sis...

Jay ended up down in the woods, that doesn't look too comfortable.

A pretty pink flamingo came along and barried her head in the ground after wiping out.

After his accident Jay had a hard time crawling out of the woods
so we had to send Kohl down after him.

Everyone had a turn wiping out with a head stand of trouble

I was cruzin along until this giant tree jumped out and grabbed me...

After a few more runs down the hills it was time to break for lunch, we had delicous subs and a nice break together before heading back out to the hill to finish off the afternoon with some new hills (Whisky Jack) for the kids and (Eagle) for me.

Blake came at me with the fishy lips so I had to get him back of course

Now back on the hills we had some great runs, Kohl had a nice spill here and I had a great one coming down the Eagle but luckily Carrie couldn't get the camera out fast enough.

Blake and Carrie had a cuddly moment at the top of the 'Timberdoodle"

Blake met up with one of his friends from School...Brody, they had a few minutes of fun together.

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