Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh let it snow

It finally happened, it seems like forever since we last took that trip down the hills in the Spring and we have been waiting everyday since then to get back to the slopes. The ski hill opened a couple of runs this weekend and we decided to head out Sunday.
We were worried because it was raining the whole way out to the hill but just before we got there the temperature finally dropped just below O and the rain switched over to snow.

Everyone was looking great in their new gear and we were looking forward to a few runs to get our feet back under us.

Jay wasn't long getting finished with the bunny hill warm ups, he wanted to hit the chair lift

The snow was sure piling up fast, Blake wanted to install windshield wipers on his googles to see where he was going.

Now this is some snow...hoping it will continue all week so we have full use of the hills next weekend

Blake was ready for a break so he and I went off to the Chalet while Carrie and the rest of the gang went for the chair lift

With all the snow coming down it became too hard to see on the hills and we had to call it an afternoon. We are hoping the temperatures stay a bit cool through the week so we can see all the slopes and lifts opened for this weekend.

The roads were aweful coming home, this picture doesn't do it justice, they were slippery.

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